Particle Candy is an extremely flexible yet simple and straightforward to use particle engine library to create all imaginable stuff of special effects in your games like smoke, trails, fire, explosions, debris, flares, dust, clouds, shots, light rays, water fontains, even weather effects like rain, snow -everything you can imagine. It's a single .lua file that you just include to your project and you're immediately ready to create professional special effects.

The Particle Candy engine proved its power and flexibility since 1995 in many commercial game titles. Originally developed for Blitz3D, it became one of the most popular Blitz libraries during the last years and is now available for the Corona® and Gideros® iOS / Android SDK. Particle Candy has been written thoroughly to make the most efficient use of performance and memory management on today's mobile devices.

Particle Candy review & introduction
In his well-written and detailed Particle Candy review, Jayant from gives a great and understandable introduction to Particle Candy and the concept of particles in general. This article is a great starting point if you're new to Particle Candy or never used particles in your games so far.

Create outstanding, professional games!
Particle Candy is used with many professional games, such as the very popular Lost City, the addictive Atomic Frogs and many, many others. Check out the Particle Candy Showcase section to see what you'll be able to achieve with little effort!

Particle Candy & Kwik
If you are a Kwik user and want to keep things simple and straightforward, Particle Candy might be your choice since both tools work together nicely. Check out Diane Cipollo's Review on Particle Candy and Kwik and the easy-to-follow Particle Candy with Kwik Tutorial by Alex from

As a fundamental and vital tool in the world of app programming, the Candy libraries are prominently featured in Jayant Varma's great book Learn Lua for iOS Game Development. Learn Lua for iOS Game Development walks you through the Lua basics, then shows you how to create games using the top Lua frameworks like the Corona SDK and last, but not least, how to use the Candy libraries to create professional, top-level apps and games.


  • Available for Corona® and Gideros® iOS / Android SDK.
  • Comes with many clean, easy-to-follow sample codes!
  • Many premade and professional effects already included!
  • Clean, commented LUA code that can be extended by your own!
  • Light-weight, high-performance library (~65KB only!)
  • Particle engine can be frozen (paused) & resumed at any time
  • Optional debug mode with detailed error messages
  • Can be used with Kwik -see tutorial


  • Unlimited amount of emitters*
  • Move, rotate, parent emitters like common display objects
  • Various emitter emission shapes (point, line, circle, disc etc.)
  • Scale effects to any size (distant explosions etc.)
  • Loop emitters (and define a pause delay between loops)
  • Start & stop emitters at any time, using individual start delays
  • Auto-destroy emitters when they finished emission
  • Attach as many different particle types to an emitter as you like
  • Define individual emission rates, emission durations and delays
  • Use one-shot emission or steady-over-time emission
  • Attach sound effects to emitters and let them play automatically


  • Unlimited amount of particles*
  • Supports simple and physics driven particles
  • Draw particles in different groups (layers)
  • Draw particles behind or in front of other images
  • Use force fields to influence particles (gravity fields etc.)
  • Motion-aligned particles (create water fountains, sparks etc.)
  • Let particles bounce off from screen borders
  • Define particle kill areas (remove particles on enter)
  • Define bounce-off areas (particles will be rejected)
  • Create a particle type once and re-use it many times
  • Apply forces like gravity, attraction and bounce-off fields
  • Particles fire events when destroyed
  • Access each particle during runtime to gain full control
  • Brighten / darken / color change particles over time
  • All particle properties can be changed in realtime!
  • Particles are fully customizable:
    - Animated size
    - Animated scale
    - Animated rotation
    - Animated fade-in, fade-out
    - Variable speed
    - Acceleration, deceleration
    - Weight (mass)
    - Bounciness
    - Random direction change
    - Any color (using a single image only)
    - Animated color change over time

* Only limited by device memory and performance